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Holistic Chiropractic Care


Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to chiropractic care for all ages, addressing not only misalignments in the spine but also assessing the health of your muscles and the function of your nervous system. By focusing on these interconnected systems, we aim to optimize your body's ability to heal and function at its best.

Our skilled providers use a variety of techniques tailored to your specific needs, whether it's gentle adjustments, soft tissue therapy, or rehabilitation exercises. We believe in empowering our patients with knowledge and tools to support their journey to optimal health.


Whether you're seeking relief from pain, improved mobility, or enhanced overall well-being, we're here to help you achieve your healthiest self through our holistic approach.

Our Services

Our wide range of services are designed to maximize the benefits of your appointment. From full-body adjustments to focused assessments, muscle work, and PNF stretching, we offer a holistic approach to address your needs. Additionally, our therapies include cold laser treatments, soft tissue mobilization, as well as taping and cupping therapies. Benefit from our diverse services tailored to optimize your health and enhance your overall wellness journey.


Our Providers

We're thrilled to have two skilled chiropractic physicians ready to serve patients of all ages at our practice. Dr. Jamie Martinko brings expertise in sports and family holistic care, drawing on her athletic training background to prioritize whole-body health and injury prevention, with an added focus on prenatal and pediatric patients through her certification in the Webster Technique.


Dr. Will Monroe, grew up local to Odessa and offers a wealth of knowledge and experience and enjoys serving the residents of his hometown and surrounding areas. Together, they're dedicated to providing exceptional care tailored to each patient's needs. As a Hometown Chiropractic and Wellness patient, you have the option of seeing either provider at any time.






213 W. Mason Suite A

Odessa, MO 64076




*by appointment only*

*Same day appointments available, give us a call!*

*Hours are subject to change. Please check the booking site for availability*

We are proudly an "insurance free" practice which allows us to provide the highest quality of care that is in your best interest, not the interest of the insurance company.  We strive to offer affordable options that are comparable to the cost of a typical co-pay and are happy to provide you with the resources necessary for self-reimbursement through your insurance company. if your plan includes chiropractic benefits. Additionally, we do accept payment for services through an HSA or FSA account. 

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