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Each treatment will be catered to each patient's specific wants and needs. 

If the client requires assistance for laying or transitioning positions, we ask that you please bring a caregiver for assistance. 

60 Minutes


90 Minutes


120 Minutes



Treatment will be catered to your specific pregnancy needs. You will be side lying for the duration of your massage and MUST be at least 12 weeks gestation in order to get this massage. 


If you have been diagnosed with any pregnancy complications or considered high risk by your OB, please bring a doctor's note that will clear you for a massage.  

60 Minutes


90 Minutes


YOUTH MASSAGE (14-17 years old)

This treatment could be the perfect way to heal up those growing aches and pains, as well as sport overuse and injury. 
*Must have parent/guardian signature and a parent/guardian must be in the room during the treatment.*

30 Minutes


60 Minutes



Have a kink in your neck or some upper back tension that just won't go away? These short treatments may just be what you need to help to work out those tight muscles and send you on your way to conquer the rest of your day. 

10 Minutes


20 Minutes


30 Minutes


45 Minutes



This is the perfect treatment combination for our stiff and tight patients. This package includes a 30-minute massage of the body area of choice and a chiropractic adjustment with Dr. Jamie. 
Please call to book so that we can coordinate your adjustment with your massage. 
This will be the best way to increase blood flow, increase range of motion, and decrease stiffness before your adjustment. 
This package is only eligible for current chiropractic patients. 

45 Minutes







213 W. Mason Suite A

Odessa, MO 64076




*by appointment only*

*Same day appointments available, give us a call!*

*Hours are subject to change. Please check the booking site for availability*

We are proudly an "insurance free" practice which allows us to provide the highest quality of care that is in your best interest, not the interest of the insurance company.  We strive to offer affordable options that are comparable to the cost of a typical co-pay and are happy to provide you with the resources necessary for self-reimbursement through your insurance company. if your plan includes chiropractic benefits. Additionally, we do accept payment for services through an HSA or FSA account. 

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